Candelit Vigil for Life outside the Irish embassy – 10 July 2013

Over the weekend my Irish pro-life colleagues thanked those of us in the UK who have been supporting their efforts to keep Ireland one of the safest places in the world for the unborn. All the tweets, blogposts and prayers have really helped to sustain them throughout their campaign; it has apparently been a source of comfort to see people from all over the globe uniting behind Ireland’s pro-life lobby in the face of Enda Kenny’s determination to steamroller abortion on demand into a country that boasts the lowest rates of maternal mortality in the globe.

Tomorrow is an extremely significant day for Ireland with the Dail due to vote on the bill that will introduce abortion up until term for mothers deemed to be suicidal, despite the fact that every single medical expert who testified to the Oireachtas committee stated that abortion is never an appropriate treatment for suicidality. The Irish government is acting purely on the basis of ideology and against all medical evidence and international experience for treating suicide ideation.

Minister of State, Lucinda Creighton has put her political career on the line, by not only proposing a series of amendments designed to adequately assess and treat a pregnant woman presenting as suicidal, but has also pointed out how Enda Kenny has misled Fine Gael voters, as their election manifesto in 2010 did not commit the party or their TDs to the introduction of abortion. If Miss Creighton votes against the bill, alongside 4 other TDs who have already signified their intent, then they will lose the party whip. It is thought that had Enda Kenny allowed a free vote then between 20 and 30 TDs would have voted against the bill, however Kenny is not prepared to risk his party’s political stability, deeming victory more important than the conscience of its TDs who are being forced to break any previous pro-life promises to voters. Any votes in favour will be made out of fear, not conviction.

Those of us who have regarded Ireland’s example as an inspirational model of maternal healthcare have been looking on in despair as a deeply ideological bill which will lead to abortion on demand is imposed upon the country, despite overwhelming public opposition to a liberal abortion regime.

For years the line of argument has been that Irish women seeking abortion are forced to come to England, in a bitter and grim irony the proposed bill will mean that heavily pregnant English women will now be able to travel to Ireland for a late-term abortion if they claim that they are suicidal.

Here’s the words of Dr Bernard Nathanson, one of the foremost pro-abortion activists in the USA, who helped found the National Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Laws, (and later converted to the pro-life cause) on the best mechanism for liberalising abortion law. For anyone following developments in Ireland, from the tragic case of Savita Halappanavar to the hatred shown towards Ireland’s Youth Defence group who have been subject to gross smears and allegations, had their headquarters smeared with human excrement and this morning had their website hacked with details of the names, addresses and phone numbers of their supporters published on line, much to the glee of certain pro-choicers, all of this will seem very familiar:

  • 1. Find a hard case, even if not fully relevant
  • 2. Create fear, doubt and confusion and even grossly exaggerate or lie about the facts
  • 3. Find a convenient, pro-life easy to hate group to demonise or scapegoat
  • 4. Legalise abortion on mental health or suicide grounds

Tomorrow – Wednesday July 10, a silent vigil will be held together with the Good Counsel Network outside the Irish embassy in London, at 17 Grosvenor Place, SW1x 7HR between 4;30 and 7:30pm  (nearest tube Hyde Park corner) in solidarity with Ireland’s pro-life campaign and in prayer for their unborn. This will be a wholly peaceful and prayerful event, attendees are asked only to bring a candle, no placards please. You don’t have to be Irish – anyone can pray for the sanctity of life.

This is to coincide with and add prayers to the vigil that will be being held outside the Dail tomorrow night as the bill is voted upon. Apologies for the late notice, please do your best to either attend or spread the word far and wide and above all pray for Ireland.

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8 thoughts on “Candelit Vigil for Life outside the Irish embassy – 10 July 2013

  1. I can truly say that l never imagined that this day would come in lreland. I am brokenhearted. Thank you Caroline and please everyone pray like you have never prayed before for my country.

    1. Hi ‘Catholic Observer’ IP address

      Out of interest why did you type in Catholic Voices as being your website and email, when that is patently untrue?

      I can confirm they did no such thing, especially as my use of social media is perfectly appropriate, but did however volunteer sympathy with regards to the sheer volume of vicious trolling and abuse that comes my way on the Internet.

      Attempts such as yours to silence and intimidate only go to show how effective my voice is across all mediums. I am privileged to remain a valued speaker (in fact family commitments meant I had to turn down an appearance earlier today) and look forward to continuing my work for Catholic Voices and my weekly column for the Catholic Universe.

      Sorry to disappoint.

      Best wishes.

  2. Well, that is good news Caroline and I must say that when I first heard these rumours I thought them bunkum. I hope this goes some way in curtailing these ever-circulating unfounded slurs on your social media activities.

    1. Gosh ‘Catholic Observer’, I see this time your IP has changed to Still using proxy servers and a fake email address purporting to be from Catholic Voices I see. I wonder what you are trying to hide?

      As the Catholic that you claim to be, you’ll take note of Pope Francis’ recent words regarding gossip and perhaps examine your conscience.

      What exactly are you trying to achieve with these spiteful “everyone is saying bad things about you” comments aside from intimidation?

      Very unpleasant and indicative of the mentality of a playground bully. I consider this conversation closed, I shall pray for your conversion of heart.

  3. Good for you Caroline!

    It would appear that on several fronts across the Catholic internet, that battle has been joined.

    Catholics must fight to the death while spilling mainly their own blood. In this they follow Christ.

  4. “fight to the death while spilling mainly their own blood”

    Anything of that sort you can do in the garage – but don’t let the whippet out. I have just hoovered the lounge. Last time you had an internet troll in here I had to get a carpet cleaning machine from Morrisons.

    Now then, Caroline – seeing as I do my shopping in Morrisons and call my sitting room a lounge, no priests can accuse this blog of being too middle class.

  5. Thank you Caroline for this post and for your support for ProLife Ireland. If this dreadful bill is passed, we may well have distressed women travelling to us from all over Europe, while the medical profession can barely cope with the loads currently placed on them.

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