Alfie Evans – a year on

Just over a year has elapsed since the tragic death of Alfie Evans and my perspective on the matter has not changed in the slightest. His parents continue to experience the pain of his loss every single day and millions of people around the world remain horrified by the fate of this little boy whom the UK establishment decided would be better off dead.

My involvement with Alfie’s case which was reported here by LifeSite News, sparked a year long campaign of relentless online trolling and abuse, the aftermath of which still rumbles on today.

The person responsible for whipping up an online campaign of hate and abuse resulting in my receiving hundreds of tweets per day, went on to set up two abusive websites, replete with sexual abuse and violent threats, targeting not only me, but my husband, my ex-husband and even my children.

I have written extensively on the campaign of abuse, but I also want to clarify one persistent misunderstanding which was unfortunately promulgated by Michael Mylonas QC on Twitter and used a number of times to attack me both on that platform by a number of individuals  and by the abusive blogger(s) behind the indefensible ‘tombstone teeth’ website, who obsessively referenced it.

Here is what Mr Mylonas said to me on Twitter on the 2nd May 2018.


I did not post overnight AFTER the reporting order, but rather on the day BEFORE the directions hearing on Monday 18th December. Here is the post in question The date of post is at the top and the date of the edit is made clear at the bottom.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 19.19.15
A screenshot of my blog edited on 20th December.

In case anyone should wish to accuse me of altering the date on my blogpost, here is a screenshot from a WhatsApp message I sent that night, confirming that I published the blog.


I was not in court on the 19th December, however I was informed that a reporting restrictions order had been put in place and I duly removed the section. I was NEVER therefore in contempt of court, because one cannot be held in contempt for posting in advance of an order and neither was there any intention on my part to be in contempt, as demonstrated by my own voluntary removal of the post.

My understanding was that my blog was mentioned in the hearing on the 19th December but I never received any orders, official or otherwise, to edit it. The expert medical witnesses were named, as I believed that this was in the public interest, given the other cases they had been involved in, but at no stage was any personal information disclosed about them.

Many people have used this misconception as a basis upon which to attack me; those behind the obscenely abusive ‘Tombstone Teeth’ and blog have repeatedly referenced it by way of justifying their frightening vendetta, so I would just like to take this opportunity to clarify what actually happened.

I remain shaken to my core over the obsessive rage heaped upon me on account of my defence of Alfie’s innate human dignity and accompanying right to life, along with the right of his loving parents, Tom and Kate, to determine what was in his best interests.

One thought on “Alfie Evans – a year on

  1. I can also confirm that you altered that post to remove the names. I had decided upon reading your original post to use part of it (and link it), and in the next few days when it got to the writing stage here, the post had been altered, with an explanation of why, exactly as you say here. I followed your lead, although under no legal compulsion to do so, as a US blog with an international readership.

    The harassment that you have suffered because of your decision to attempt to save the life of Alfie, as we all pretty much came to know him, is both despicable and unspeakable, and that some of it appears to be at least semi-official is greatly to the discredit of the United Kingdom.

    God bless you Caroline and your family, and Alfie’s parents and all involved in our efforts on his behalf.

    Keep the Faith,
    D.A. Christianson

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