List of bloggers in solidarity with Cranmer

Stuart James of EChurchblog has listed all those bloggers who have posted a copy of the coalition for marriage advertisement in solidarity with Archbishop Cranmer.

I have asked him to include my name on the list and posted a comment asking if he would include me but still no response. Hence, here’s the updated list, together with erm – me!

Sorry to be provocative, it’s not my intention, but I find this kind of behaviour from a fellow Christian blogger, not only baffling but deeply distressing. Obviously he doesn’t want me in “his gang”. It seems really petty, but I’m pretty much at the end of my tether to be honest. This is one of the reasons that I am considering closing the blog, because the only way I can process some of the hurt is to write about it, but doing so is perceived as unhelpful. From my perspective, this is really the straw that has broken the camel’s back. Being excluded as some kind of ‘undesirable’ for something that I haven’t done following a public whispering and hate campaign, on top of a stressful pregnancy.

Still, I can be consoled that Christ wants me in His Church, as flawed and imperfect as I undoubtedly am.

I hoped that Christians could move beyond the schoolyard politics. Clearly some of us have some way to go.

Lisa GraasBenProdicusTangled WebTim WorstallBoiling FrogVicRogerThe Bones,LMSPart Time PilgrimAdmiral CreedyNeil AddisonOpinionated CatholicJohnCreative Minority ReportRichardNicRuariDavidCalvinMax FarquarStand FirmNickHarry’s PlaceLazarusJamesChrisMulier FortisMelon FarmersDefend Marriage Scotland,Anglican MainstreamDavidSteve KnealeWoman on a RaftFr FiniganNSSMundabor,Maria Stops AbortionEcumenical DialogueBritNorAmFreedomNew Zealand Conservative,Quid DeindeEd West (Telegraph), Peter Ould, Dr Jim West, GillanJohn and of course Me.

Update: Patricius, Annie Elizabeth (Defende nos in proelio) and CrookedasCorkscrews have also joined the ranks.

Let me know of anyone else. I believe Heresy Corner has commented and Jack of Kent plans to do so also.

Pax vobiscum.

9 thoughts on “List of bloggers in solidarity with Cranmer

    1. I haven’t passed comment other than to note that this feels like playground bullying.

      I found it very upsetting & still do. The attitude is “I’m not including you”. Maybe the wrong approach but frankly I think we should stand up to bullies & not condone them with silence.

      Maybe that’s me though…

      1. Just seems below your dignity, really, that’s all. I can’t be the only reader who has no idea what campaign or rumour or smear you mean nor who is supposed to have been a part of it, so perhaps this is a post aimed at a group of people who do know what you are talking about and I shouldn’t comment on conversations on which I am eavesdropping.

        It wasn’t supposed to be a criticism, just a friendly tease to cheer you up and help you pull the psychological splinter!

        I was going to put a post to a funny picture here, for extra cheer, but my mind has gone blank 😦

      2. Sorry Berenike, probably right. No you are not eavesdropping, it’s as public blog. And yes, you are right, I shouldn’t let it get to me and I should definitely rise above it. 🙂

  1. I am sure that His Grace, is most grateful to all who support him in his hour of need.

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