And some nice news

I am going to write about what it really means to be pro-life at a later date, but this pregnancy is forcing me to put my money where my mouth is, in more ways that one.

When the word “crisis” pregnancy is bandied about, single women, often in straitened circumstances comes to mind. Actually a “crisis” pregnancy is one that is unplanned and is very difficult for the mother to accept, for a multitude of reasons.

One of the things that has been causing me a lot of anxiety is the thought of yet another cesarian section, my third in three years. My last two children were born by cesarian section and I have to admit that my personal experience is not a positive one. I shall spare the gory details, but in the interests of fairness and for any expectant women reading, it’s fair to note, that many many women testify to their cesarian as being a “blissful” experience, which, if it is planned, is certainly possible. Mine just haven’t worked out that way.

I thought that after 2 cesarian births I would not be allowed to attempt a natural birth, however this has been agreed in principle today. Though I can’t quite have the experience that I wanted, I can at least attempt to do what nature intends, on the proviso that I am strictly monitored at all times. This is a huge weight off my mind, the thought of yet another cesarian looming into view had been the source of repeated panic attacks.

Some prayers have been answered at least. This is what being pro-life means, having compassion for the stressed-out mother, understanding that for many childbirth presents a psychological barrier and that the heady cocktail of pregnancy hormones combined with pre-existing worries make her especially vulnerable and not dismissing her fears as histrionics or irrational.

This is why more midwives are needed in the UK – to help and support women to make the choices about childbirth that are right for them.

6 thoughts on “And some nice news

  1. I will offer some prayers. I have a sister who had three cesarians. And I have a sister-in-law who has had 2 VBACs (her first was emergency cesarian). I think giving birth, however it is accomplished, gives a woman a look at life and death in such a different way than ever before. God bless.

  2. I hope you have the same experience I did with my second child. I arrived at the hospital at 8am, he was out by 8:45am (no epidural), I was back home by 6pm, and shopping at M&S the next day (baby in sling).

  3. I suppose I’d feel the same way if anybody ‘made me’ attempt a natural birth ever again…So, great that at least you get to ‘try’ and will be closely monitored. Praying you will have a positive birth experience!

  4. At a slight tangent, I love the count down on the blog. Especially the description of the baby’s development. 28th August is my eldest’s birthday!

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