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Below is the original description when I set up my blog many years ago. I ought to state that I have now added journalist, broadcaster and media commentator to that of my original moniker of being a mere blogger. But the following still stands.

Miserable sinner, aspiring saint, propensity towards melodrama and general bawdiness, probably not the best example of holiness, but trying nonetheless. A woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and talks a great deal of nonsense. I don’t suffer fools. You’re not going to gain any profound insight from my ramblings and fulminations, but you’re welcome to share the journey.

My husband is a former Anglican vicar who converted to Catholicism in 2010 and was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in March 2015.

Though I dislike labels, having at times been described as an “extremist, fundamental and fanatic” Catholic, I would define myself as someone who tries to remain faithful to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church in its entirety.

Where do I stand on the political spectrum? Anti-statist but probably Monster raving loony.

40 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello

    I am trying to put together some info on the abortion pill and yours is the most detailed information I have found about the mother’s experience.

    Thank you for your blog which I have just discovered and will be checking into regularly.

    1. I think it disgraceful you were arrested for saying ‘he’ I do it all the time. In my case by accident. Whether by accident or not it is disgraceful. What kind of a country are we turning into.

    2. I think it disgraceful you were arrested for saying ‘he’ I do it all the time. In my case by accident. Whether by accident or not it is disgraceful. What kind of a country are we turning into.

  2. Thank you. THANK YOU!
    I can well imagine the sacrifice you and your husband have made in stepping into the baroque.
    thank you for being faithful and for encouraging us to be faithful too.
    God bless you and your family.

    Ps I wouldn’t worry too much about the vitrol you receive. If I recall Jesus also received such a reponse.

  3. Hello Caroline,
    Just another mother weighing in with, I hope, a few words of encouragement. I’m an Anglo- American (parents English), living in Canada. I’m a convert to Catholicism, which has been the greatest grace of my life. I love Christ and his Church, am well versed in the faith, and it’s issues interacting with a secular culture. Hurray for you for this blog. I found a link to your article about vitriolic in response to your posts, in the National Catholic Reporter. You go girl. Don’t listen to them. There is so much ignorance about Catholicism it makes you want to weep. The evils of abortion, and tearing apart of our Judeo Christian culture are not seen clearly by many people. Somehow it seems good to them… Keep up the good work, I’ll be praying for you. God Bless…

  4. Hi Caroline.
    I have just read your artical in the Catholic Herald.
    You are one very brave lady.
    Thankyou very much for all you do for the truth!
    God bless.
    Steve RC Father of 12

  5. Hi, Have just read your article in the Catholic Herald – please keep writing. There are too few people to stand up and speak the truth. Perhaps the vitriol comes from the fact that you are speaking the truth and touching a nerve.

  6. I too have just read the article in the Catholic Herald. I wish I could offer a solution to your problem but cannot think of one. It is very necessary to monitor and exclude some comments as otherwise you descend into the situation with Damian Thompson’s blog where the discussion in the comments gets completely lost in the vitriol. Perhaps just excluding them and ignoring them is the only solution – they will then get too bored to carry on I hope.

    But keep up the good work.

    One day I think that people will come to realise that the internet needs better control. Really bad material should be tracked down and the authors prosecuted or banned from using it. Technically this is quite possible as computers are entirely deterministic.

  7. The Catholic Church in the UK has always been ‘blessed’ with converts from the time of Elizabeths 1st persecution and her attempted absolute uprooting of everything touched with the Papacy.There were no ‘Scholar Gipseys’ from Oxbridge at this time but Scholar Martyrs who not only talked the talk but walked the walk too -we do not forget the Protestant Martyrs too.Cardinal Manning and Cardinal Newman too were immense intellectual converts and we know they did not always see eye to eye.But then neither did St.Peter and St.Paul.As a cradle Catholic I wish you and your husband the ‘God Speed’ in the journey embarked on

  8. Good evening.
    I’ve just read your article in the Herald (I have a paper backlog, I admit). I am heartened by those such as yourself who go into the public square in a way my timidness, reluctance and perhaps sensitivity dissuade me from doing.
    It is typical among detractors that many profess one thing and do another – such has been human nature always, and ensures that doctrine will always be “out of date”. Happy are you men abuse on my account, etc. Dominus vobiscum! KBO.

  9. PS regarding the political spectrum for a Catholic – both wings, and neither. As if all of humanity’s views fitted on a single line, or even a plane. A space isn’t enough.

  10. I’m not going to lie. I came here to troll all over your site, as I had held you in a fair bit of contempt, after being directed here through an angry friend’s link. However, I was unprepared for the unusual and surprising quality of your reasoning and logic, which was far from the usual, “the face in the sky commands us to do A, B, and C, while prohibiting E, F, and G” sort of religious blog. Therefore, I apologize, and after thinking carefully about it, I also apologize for the trolling I would have done, had your blog been less impressive, as what I was going to do was rather ridiculous anyway since,to put it mildly, and to insult you would have been rather immature, regardless of what I found here.

    In addition to this, I feel I must point out that I obviously do not agree with all that is written here. As I am not a Strong Catholic, this is unsurprising, but I am not so naive as to fail to realize that not all Catholics are drones, mirroring and reflecting the same precise beliefs, and I realize that your reasoning is constructed in a way that is open to debate (if one has suitable facts and satisfactory mental facilities to engage in a reasonable disagreement in the comments section), which is a significant factor in the quality of your posts, as you have clear substance in what you write. Thus, while our principles are not necessarily on par with each other, I believe the respect in your blogging rises above that, and presents itself as valid and important opinion, despite what my own beliefs are.

    So, I hope you keep writing. Perhaps I do not hope that people will take what you say as the absolute truth but, perhaps, I hope that people will consider and weigh in on what you write. Because, honestly, the best argument is constructed with knowledge on something you don’t like, and your blog, at the absolute least, is an exemplary argument for anyone, religious or not.

    ~Tyler. The E-Mail Included is incorrect, unfortunately. I’ve favorited this blog, as I didn’t lie; this site is both interesting and impressive.

  11. For your consideration to the section Essential Catholic:

    Et Verbum Caro Factum Est


    Here is a video you might like also:

    I am a Cristero and a Guadalupano with ties to Tepeyac Hill.

    469Fitter (all together, no spaces) is my you tube account.

    I enjoy your blog.

    God be with you.


  12. Hello, I just read your contribution to Helen Lewis’ ‘”You should have your tongue ripped out”: the reality of sexist abuse online.” I wanted to let you know that it struck me how easy it is to forget that those people in one’s ingroup, mine being liberal, are just as capable of cruelty, hate, and horrible abuse as those that I all too often come to think of as “other.” I am so sorry that anyone wished terrible things upon you or threatened you simply for expressing your opinion as a Catholic, right-leaning mother. The liberal persons who have verbally abused you are every bit as bad as the misogynists who have abused me, and they should be ashamed of their hate speech. I want to encourage you to keep writing, as you are clearly an intelligent and talented writer, even though I may not agree with everything you say. Thank you for sticking it out and showing all trolls, be they man or woman, liberal or conservative, that their hatefulness amounts to nothing.

  13. I really enjoyed your article about verbal abuse and (conservative) women bloggers. I wasn’t aware of the problem, but sadly, not surprised. I live in the US, and conservative women politicians and celebrities can expect to be raked over the coals by the press–and even their children are not immune–while the “feminist” and “children’s rights advocates” stand by and do nothing.

    God bless…I subscribed to your blog.

  14. Hi Caroline,
    I’ve been reading your blog a bit lately, and I’d just like to tell you that you’ve inspired me to begin my own blog describing my somewhat wayward experiences, and how I’ve begun to recover spiritually from those battle scars. I just began it today, but you can find it here http://theandersonfiles.wordpress.com/.
    I’d like to change the way society glamourises casual sex, because those encounters have left me deeply scarred and unable to progress with how to act around men in a non-sexual capacity. I’ve been taught that I have power over men, and that I can and should abuse it. Realising how unfulfilling this is made me want to discover new, more chaste ways to be.
    God bless,

  15. I am a born-again Pentecostal Christian who wants to encourage you in your mission. I may not agree with all your beliefs but I honour your courage especially when you write boldly in defense of traditional marriage and “holy” feminism as opposed to the present vain mother goddess ideology, which so hurts today’s women and rising generation of young girls. Bless you.

  16. Hi Caroline,
    You are a good writer and firm follower of Roman Catholic, I would like to know that you ever read bible carefully?

    In Exodus chapter 20, there are 10 commandments given by God and it clearly mention in Exodus 31:18, these was written by God’s own FINGER. If these commandments were written by God’s own finger, all Christians must obey.


  17. Hi Caroline

    I can’t seem to find a place to ‘follow’. I can’t recommend as a blogger as I’m on blogger rather than wordpress, just wanted to say Im enjoying reading your thoughts. Welcome home.

  18. Thank you for mentioning the lack of justice served over the death of, Jessie-Maye Barlow. She was one of my best and closest friends. It’s her 21st birthday tomorrow and you were quite right, she had her entire life ahead of her and should be here to see her 21st birthday. xxx

  19. Hi Caroline, just a sincere word of thanks for the article you wrote about our foundress Nano Nagle. Would like to chat to you about it. I am a Presentation Sister in England

  20. Dear Caroline
    I’ve just watched you on wise women and you were wonderful!
    As a 42 year old irish catholic woman, I identified so much with your views on how woman have been let down by feminists as well as the society’s lack of respect for motherhood.
    God bless you and all you do!
    Karen coffey

  21. Hi Caroline
    Regarding your apperance on The Big Questions this morning you mentioned drawing attention to your sexual attributes and sexual objectivity ?
    Does this make me a bad person as owing to the the fact you had a short skirt and crossed legs showing very sexy nylon clad thighs ?


  22. Hello. I just heard you on 5 Live about the killing if a vicar in France. Like the majority of people this news was tragic. However, I was concerned re your comment that ‘christians should be prepared to die for their religion’

    It is that tone that is a contributing factor to many who will die for their religion.

    Further evidence, if any were needed, that religions of any denomination have no no place in a decent, moral and law abiding society.

  23. Caroline,

    The spirit of this age reacts with demonic fury to those who speak the truth. So you will get more than your fair share of pelters for daring to question the Zeitgeist.

    God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work.


    Paul O’Neill

  24. Hi Caroline,

    I always read your articles in the Catholic Herald. Keep up the good work. You speak for so many ordinary Catholics who’s voices rarely get heard.

  25. Dear Caroline,

    I am researching the serious threat to freedom of expression and traditional liberal values in Britain. This is why I was horrified to read about the outrageous attempt to intimidate you by the police. This is, sadly, a growing phenomenon and we are incrementally crossing the line into a society that has a semi-official state-ideology though because the authoritarianism we are experiencing is postmodern in nature, presented in ‘double speak’ terminology, few people understand what is really happening and the threat we face.

    I have found that some of the best people on this issue come from the old, radical-tradition left (people like Spiked/Institute of Ideas) who understand the reasons why and how the postmodernist New Left have gained almost total hegemony culturally. Most conservatives don’t know how to oppose this illiberal phenomenon and end up going along with it for fear of being thought to be out of step with the times.

    All power to your elbow (even though I am not a religious person) and your right to say whatever it is you wish to. Live and let live!

    Best wishes, Marc Glendening

  26. I would like to write to Caroline (old-fashioned, I know! sorry!). Could she or someone give me an appropriate address please.

  27. Hi Caroline, just watched your Sky News interview on TV from Lagos, Nigeria. God bless you for standing up for traditional family values in a world that is now turning everything upon its head. It was difficult but I am glad you stood up there are too many voices clamouring for the wrong values we need more people like you to speak for what is right and proper…. God bless you immensely. Do not be discouraged! Do not relent!!!!

  28. Dear Caroline
    I just watch your short interview on sky news about teaching children about gay in schools. is true when you say that parents are to teach their children about that. i believe those gay people are sick and they need help.
    our generation is going down the drain little by little if we keep quit on issues that are unhealthy for our children, are not those gay people brought into this world by a man and a woman? (NOT a man and a man).
    why are they forcing ‘gayiems’ if there is a word like that on our children?
    Caroline keep the good work and speak about such attitudes of those so called big people who have made themselves gay and want to impose that ‘dirty’ act on our children.
    The Bible speak volumes on this issue, but will not like to go there now.
    please continue the good work that you are doing and may the lord bless you.

  29. Hi Caroline,
    I watched you bring interviewed today in Sky.
    I thought you expressed yourself really clearly, fairly and patiently.
    Furthermore, I was disappointed at how lacking in neutrality Kay Burley was in her line of questioning and also in her responses to you.
    You are an inspiration to all of us who side with a traditional view of parenting and the ways we should bring up our children.
    Kind regards,
    Ian (Warwick)

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