In support of our priests, our families, and our Church

You may have seen the recent letter from more than 450 priests in support of the Church’s teaching on marriage.

We would like to invite you to sign the letter below, to be sent to the press in support of them, and to encourage others to sign it.

To sign, please leave your name and your diocese in the comments box below, or if you prefer email them to me or to one of the coordinators:

Mark Lambert ( or Andrew Plasom-Scott (

The Letter:

Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, wish to endorse and support the letter signed by over 450 priests in the recent edition of the Catholic Herald.

As laity, we all know from our own family experiences, or those of our friends and neighbours, the harrowing trauma of divorce and separation, and we sympathise with all those in such situations.

It is precisely for that reason that we believe that the Church must continue to proclaim the truth about marriage, given us by Christ in the Gospels, with clarity and charity in a world that struggles to understand it.

For the sake of those in irregular unions, for the sake of those abandoned and living in accordance with the teachings of the Church, and above all for the sake of the next generation, it is essential that the Church continues to make it quite clear that sacramental marriage is indissoluble until death.

We pray, and expect, that our hierarchy will represent us, and the Church’s unwavering teaching, at the Synod this autumn.

 Yours faithfully,

14 thoughts on “In support of our priests, our families, and our Church

  1. Susan Palmer. Southwark Diocese. Bishops please defend marriage ’til death do us part’. In solidarity with those who are married and also those who are not married but hope to be; for those who may be separated from their spouse but heroically continue faithful to them and the Christian life. Most especially also for future generations of children who need committed mothers and fathers. To abstain from Holy Communion can be more respectful and loving than to receive knowing that a major life choice at the time – in a significant way -does not correspond to Christ’s majestic teaching.

  2. Caroline,

    Thanks for posting this. I have collected the names up to this point and asked your blog to email me as new ones come in.

    Thanks to all who have signed. We are hoping to have 451 signatories to match the 451 priests by the end of Easter day: and we are nearly there.

    We will be sending the letter to the Herald first thing on Monday.

    Please encourage anyone else you know to sign by then.

    Have a blessed Easter.


  3. Caroline – I have listened to your discussion on BBC London this morning and I want to say that you did very well. It was also helped by the fact that they seemed to give you a fair length of time to speak – often, these interviews are superficially short. You made the points very very well and I hope those listening could also appreciate the Catholic view on marriage.

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