A tale of two tragedies

Two terrible pieces of news have emerged on the BBC News website today.

At London Zoo, a Sumatran tiger cub has been discovered dead at the edge of the pool in the tiger enclosure. It is thought that the cub accidentally ventured into the pool and drowned.

In a separate tragedy Edinburgh Zoo has announced that Tian Tian, their giant panda is no longer pregnant, she appears to have miscarried her cub in late pregnancy.

Animal-lovers such as myself will be saddened to hear of these events, especially as the animals concerned are both endangered species.

Perhaps that’s why this is considered headline news and of far more importance than the approximately 500 women in the UK who will today end the lives of their unborn children via abortion, because they feel that they have little other ‘choice’.

500 unborn babies or the plight of 500 women doesn’t quite have the same ‘aw factor’ or sense of urgency and importance as a dead baby tiger and panda cub.

And we wonder why the human race seems in trouble?

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 13.43.07
The most popular stories on the BBC News website on 15 October

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