Being afraid of free speech – no thanks

Deacon Nick Donnelly has reported on a campaign conducted by a pro-marriage group which has been stopped due to vandalism, abuse and threats of violence. I can well believe it. The repercussions of my tweeting in support of traditional marriage in February 2012 still rumble on to this day – a horrific sexual threat was made against me, evidence of which is contained in a comment on this blog and of which the author is wholly unrepentant and still engages in sporadic bouts of social media bullying.

I am also very aware that I am a semi public figure who lives in an area noted for its tolerance (unless you are homeless) and no doubt it could be claimed that by posting in support of this campaign I am being reckless and putting my family at risk.

Surely this is the only bigotry at work here – people who are ideologically opposed to a traditional view of marriage are determined to impose their version of marriage and beliefs upon us, by fear and threats.

The government may be imposing this new definition of marriage upon us but they fail to understand that there are many who will not accept this and who will refuse to refer to gay relationships as marriage – certainly the definition is not anything that I had previously understood as marriage and not what I consented to when I got married. If any further proof were needed, we can see how the government has changed the understanding of the word and institution by its continued tortuous attempts at formulating the correct legal wording.

Numerous studies show that the best outcomes are achieved by children who are brought in a relationship where their birth parents are married. All other studies use marriage as a benchmark and attempt to prove that a same-sex relationship is as good. (The Iona Institute has much definitive research and evidence based peer-reviewed studies on this matter.)

Now one can deny evidence, or argue the toss over it as much as you like, but doesn’t democracy allow us to express our views, no matter how deluded and demented that others might think them. To attempt to prevent a campaign group from stating that they do not want a new vision of marriage imposed upon them is the only bigotry at work. Although of course bigot is becoming an impotent and redundant term.

It could be argued that posting this link is provocative and confrontational, but it perfectly expresses the views of this household. To refuse to post it accepts the climate of fear attempting to be imposed upon us. Time to batten down the hatches.


4 thoughts on “Being afraid of free speech – no thanks

    1. You are very obsessive and hate-filled aren’t you Karen.

      First you abuse me under the name of @harvardshaker on Twitter, attacking me for leaving some positive customer feedback to a company who supplied my husband’s shirts.

      Then you go off on a random rant and abuse my friend.

      Cross at being blocked you then leave a comment equating me with ISIS on my YouTube channel.

      Blocked on that you then come to have another shouty attack on my blog.

      Suggest you find a more constructive and healthy hobby and learn to tolerate other viewpoints rather than shouting pointless and vacuous abuse.

      I am sorry that your ignorant prejudice blinds you to the fact that I have no interest in either criminalising homosexuality let alone violently killing gay people. Or even using violent language unlike you. Hope you find peace, I’ll pray for you.

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