Technical problems

Apologies to blog subscribers who may have just received a post. I was working on a draft on my phone and accidentally published it. 

I have since deleted, as I am not sure whether or not to publish the post and it was in working format only. I often work on drafts on my phone, and sometimes disregard so please accept my apologies for having received a rambling piece of text. 

4 thoughts on “Technical problems

  1. Glad I’m not the only one that happens to.

    From: “The Catechesis of Caroline” Date: Friday, 24 May 2013 12:07:54 BST Subject: [New post] Technical problems

  2. Not too rambling, Caroline. And far superior to my finished products, let alone my first drafts!

    Difficult to read emotionally, though.


  3. For some reason the song “Where have all the flowers gone” by Peter Seeger which I learned at school a long time ago came into my mind.

    We are fighting a war against abortion.

    God bless you Caroline. God bless all mothers and babies.

  4. You must carry on blogging despite all the adverse comments and downright nastiness! Be encouraged my love, the evil one hates the truth and uses anyone to try to stop the truth being spoken aloud.

    As for your latest blog it reduced me to tears! I now have some inkling of what my ex-wife must have gone through so many years ago, she refused to talk about it and only recovered when she went to an Anglican priest for healing prayer.

    Keep going!!


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