A little treat

It’s rare for me to diverge from my usual blither into the more esoteric territory of sacred music, not least because I’m bound to offend at least one person, but this delightful new setting charmed my socks off!

Absolutely glorious. Can we have more of this please?  You don’t even need the accompanying choir or harmony, the top line in itself is beautiful and relatively simple.

For those who haven’t already come across this – it’s the Mass of the English Martyrs, by Jeff Ostrowski. Sublime. How do we make this mandatory in all Norvus Ordo Masses? The score is free, no copyright issue – choirmasters start downloading and get singing. It’s even been scored for higher and lower voices.

A perfect Mass setting for the ordinations of those to the Ordinariate or indeed former Anglican, convert clergy…

Enjoy. (h/t chant cafe)

One thought on “A little treat

  1. Wow. So happy to have this information passed on. Here in NY, at our home parish, which is strictly Novus Ordo, we have a girl singing who insists on music that isn’t traditionally Catholic and it’s really distracting. One time she actually sang God Bless America. Needless to say, it was infuriating. On the other hand, I like thinking about plainsong and chant and how it is designed to lift your spirit without distracting the senses with noise. It’s brilliant. Tradition isn’t stupid.

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