Co-operation with evil?

This quote taken from the Seido Foundation sums up the position on a limit cut neatly.

Provided Catholics don’t campaign for a limit cut on its own merits, as to do so acknowledges and accepts abortion, as long as we make it very clear we are opposed to all killing of the unborn, then we can, in good conscience support an amendment to the abortion law, provided it was correctly worded, because it seeks to make the law ‘less harmful’. So not so reckless after all. 🙂

Of course this is all conjecture because much would depend on the proposed wording of any bill. Any fresh perspective also needs to address why politicians are so keen to sanction the destruction of less than perfect humans.

“Nevertheless a citizen who takes part in a legislative body and who has not been able to block an immoral law can take part in the determination of particular sections of the law. He can vote or abstain from voting for particular sections of the law which are not immoral and for amendments which would make the law less harmful. Even so, all scandal must be avoided and disagreement with the general content of the law must be expressed.”

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