Words of Consolation

I hope the person who sent this doesn’t mind me blogging it. It brought much consolation last night.

Despite deleting my Twitter account, my timeline was still showing on my phone and I could see the cattiness and sniping continued until about 6pm last night. I’ve now deleted the app so I’m not tempted to read any more damaging poison.

Dear Caroline,

You have been significantly embedded into my thoughts and prayers for the last 24 hours, which included the early hours of the night. I came home from C****** rather late and read what was to be your final tweet, seconds before you deleted your account, but not before I was able to read your blog and then look back at what had been said by your detractors.

I am dreadfully sorry for all the bile and vitriol that was hurled at you. I am still trying to get my head around the nastiness that was thrown so mercilessly against you and was so far removed from the truth of what and who you are.

I came to know you through twitter, and of course, was copied in to an email from ******* a number of weeks ago and have only ever considered you to be a kind, VERY intelligent, gentle, Faith and love driven individual. That anyone could take anything else from your writing is beyond me.

I have no idea how you have coped with all you have, because, in all honesty, it would have given me a complete breakdown if I were to have experienced just a fraction of such abuse. The school yard bullies have all progressed to the twitter arena, haven’t they.

You have NOT “failed” anyone. It is just not possible to reason with some people; they are way beyond normal sensitivities, empathy, understainding and argument. Their agenda is totally different to yours and the devil is using them very efficiently.

You must be feeling totally drained, physically and emotionally, and bitterly disappointed in so many ways, but please, remember why you write what you do; it’s not for personal gratification, it’s to further God’s Kingdom. I believe those lovely words of Jesus are very appropriate to you, “When you declare me before men, I will declare you before my Father in Heaven,” for this is what you have done, so faithfully. You have nothing to reproach yourself for.

I am really sorry that you have deleted your account because I enjoyed reading your tweets, but I am also glad that you have because you deserve some peace; distance from people who relish hurting whoever they can, especially at the moment whilst you are in the early stages of pregnancy. You have a beautiful family, they deserve you to be happy and you deserve to be happy, away from the pernicious bullies, of which there are so many and who are only happy when they spot someone whom they can really hurt. That someone is invariably the opposite to what they are = lovely people like you. Don’t allow them to spew their vitriol in your direction any more.

You have so much going for you; they don’t.

I will continue to pray for you and all the family.

Lots of love and God bless Caroline. I will be in touch.

Thank you so very much everyone.

8 thoughts on “Words of Consolation

  1. Yes, Amen! And {{{HUGS}}}, you are an inspiration and sadly not everyone appreciated your views, but that does NOT mean you were ‘wrong’ ;-)!

  2. That person has encapsulated exactly what I feel about you! (Just in a far more articulate way!)
    You have coped heroically for a very long time with so much else in your life to cope with too, you are amazing!
    I hope it is some consolation for you to know that you will be rewarded tenfold in Heaven for standing up for the Truth. I wish I had a tenth of your courage.
    I am sorry that we won’t hear more from you, but understand that it is the best thing for you and your family at this time.
    Much love to you, your husband and your little babes.

  3. Beautiful email and one I agree with.

    Twitter has proven invaluable in meeting incredibly talented people, with diverse views who invariably broaden my thinking. It was also a peculiar and unlikely lifeline when we went through a difficult time and I was wrestling with guilt, hurt and frustration in relation to a particularly painful pregnancy loss in 2010. The very strangers out there I expected not to get in touch were the very ones who reached out and threw me a kind lifeline which led to healing and acceptance. It renewed my faith and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. These people include you Caroline, Dolphin Maria, Louise Allain, Battlement Clare, Patriccus and many others. It was devastating for me to decide to delete my accounts this week after what I witnessed online. I have enjoyed the connection and shall miss you guys a lot. But I found that all too deeply unsettling to witness. The topic was far far too complex to discuss on such a medium and was put to you unfairly – but it was the abuse heaped your way which I found terrifying – slanderous ugly threatening and wholly misogynistic in tone. This week a forum was launched to help Muslims report and tackle faith-hate more easily. Until such a forum exists for Catholics to flag threats when they arise online then I cannot see how anyone, particularly women, can address any point of view in the public domain. Who would want to expose themselves to the kind of hideous threat tweeted at you. Thanks so much for your sincere support. I shall miss you and will post baby pics on blog as and when.

  4. Dear Caroline,

    Accept another virtual hug. You are very brave and the last thing you should do is feel bad what has happened.

    Cetti xxxx

  5. *hugs* Glad you got this.

    I seriously think part of the reason people attacked you so much was because they knew about your difficult pregnancy etc. They picked on you because they knew you were vulnerable. I’ve seen this pattern before.

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