The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

It’s strange isn’t it? When swearing an oath, the British legal system requires the use of a Bible to act as a guarantor of truth. Yet when texts from that very book relied upon by the police and our entire legal system are publicly displayed in a  Christian Blackpool cafe, the owner is threatened with arrest and a public order offence.

Though I am not a fan of unnecessary and vexatious litigation, I do hope that Jamie Murray continues to play his DVDs.


4 thoughts on “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

  1. There is an irony here. The verse that was supposed to cause the problem comes from the middle of a very long passage in Romans and proper understanding of it can’t be gained without looking at it in context. First Paul points out those in the church at Rome who have been living a sinful life- including those who gossip,envy, slander and fail to love and to have mercy. It is a long list. He then turns his attention to those who wag their fingers at those sinner just mentioned. They are judgemental and no better than those who they are judging. Then he turns to the Jew. Before they get smug, they need to remember that they are doubly condemned. They do wrong and they knew it because they have the Law which tells them so. Later on in the letter he despairs at his own sinfulness. This whole argument is to show the different groups in Rome that they are all sinners. This Paul is doing for a purpose.

    He doesn’t leave his readers here. For God steps in and comes to our rescue. This is the letter with the wonderful promise that nothing shall separate us from the love of God.

    Out of all the verses which refers to a list of sins this one can’t be used to incite hatred of anyone- gossips, murderers, the evious, the boastful, to give a few examples, because the whole point is to make the reader aware of humanity’s need for God and God’s incredible response of love.

  2. @allotmentgirl Perhaps this incident then presents an opportunity to evangelise said plod? And everyone else who might be offended of course!

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