Bead rattling baby bigot

“Indoctrination “. Start them early. How do you like our reusable nappies? We had this one made for Imogen’s Baptism. There’s another one, that says “Jesus Loves You”. I’ll post a photo shortly.

Poor baby. Fancy. Having its parents beliefs imposed on it like that. Absolutely shocking. As David Beckham once said “We’re definitely going to get Brooklyn Christened, but we don’t know into which religion”.

Front of nappy
Back of nappy

5 thoughts on “Bead rattling baby bigot

  1. Beautiful! Unfortunately my little one is just starting to move out of nappies, so I really can’t justify anymore…….. *whistles*

    I’m a new reader – in the process of converting from the Church of England – and am finding your blog most interesting and informative 🙂

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