The dark side

I’ve had a difficult few days on Twitter, I’ve been besieged by people attempting to prove that my faith is irrational, that Jesus did not actually exist because there are no contemporary accounts, pro-abortionists and a man who attempted to equate a human embryo with a fungus or an STD. I am emotionally rather overwrought due to the non-stop apologetics. Huge thanks to Thirsty Gargoyle again, who was able to bring far more expertise and depth of knowledge to the subject than I. He has written an excellent academic evidence-based post, dealing with the subject of the physical existence of Christ, here. It is essential reading for any Christian apologist.

I am taking a short break from the internet for a while. Here’s why:

All of these were hard-core atheists who seem to get their kicks from trolling twitter feeds of those with religious beliefs and launching straight into insults, at least two of those were unsolicited, it was that user’s first contact with me.

Here’s the tweet that has perhaps upset me the most, penned by someone who should, I think, know a lot better. He did delete it after a few comments, but I wonder is this really what a New Statesman columnist and successful media lawyer really thinks about Catholics? Or was it a cheap and dirty shot, one designed to discredit and smear? Like the other comments I shan’t dignify the comment with a response, but there it is. David Allen Green believes that there is objective evidence to believe that every single Catholic priest is a pedophile. How very misconceived.

12 thoughts on “The dark side

  1. That your detractors have only insult and invective to use against you is painful for you, but at least it shows they have no reasoned arguments to make – they know it; they hate it and they hate you for throwing it into clear relief. Engaging in effective Christian apologetics with people who revel in society’s unraveling is always going to be like this – don’t lose heart. Nevertheless, you’re not the only soldier in the trench and everybody deserves and needs time off the battlefield – look after yourself too.

  2. Watching from the distance I have has been enough. I’m glad Thirsty Gargoyle could step into the fray but was nonetheless horrified by the unnecessary level of hateful vitriol directed at you. It’s depressing that in the absence of faith to prompt any sting of conscience regards these unnecessary insults that this is the best humanity has to offer.

  3. *hugs*

    I tend to stay out of twitter apologetics – it’s hard to defend the truth in 140 characters – but maybe I should start since you and other have been taking so much heat.

  4. Since you seem to know the field, would you write up a summary of the situation as it stands? It seems to me that the proposals causing the hoo-ha are mostly about who gets public money for counselling, and about the responsibility of some public bodies to ensure counselling is provided. The provision thus guaranteed is one to which GPs will be required to make known to women who ask for counselling.

    But I have no idea what the current situation is. Is a doctor forbidden to mention, e.g., the Good Counsel Network? Will he be forbidden to mention it as well as any Approved Provider? Are any non-public bodies given public money specifically for counselling in relation to abortion? (I know some abortion providers get public money. Under what title? Is it a grant, or is for particular services?) Is there currently a requirement that local authorities (or NHS trusts?????) provide counselling for women who want it (in relation to abortion)?

  5. Dear Caroline,
    If I were you I would avoid Twitter, or bothering to make any attempt at reasoning with atheists. They don’t like to be challenged as I think it makes them nervous! (“Hey, what if I’ve been wrong all along and I really am on the road to Hell, yikes!!”)

    Ignore the nasty vile insults thrown at you, remembering Our Blessed Lord’s words: “Blessed are those when men revile you and persecute you and speak all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account……”
    Shake the dust off you shoes and move on. Your life and witness to Christ and His Church is rich with goodness, and those that attack you only deserve to be pitied.

    Btw, I’ve seen some great pics of your beautiful baby over on the Mulier Fortis blog.

  6. My mother is an atheist and my father a devout Catholic. Married 40 years. Never once heard her declare herself a defender of people from my father or my father force her to uphold christian values. Being an atheist means you personally choose not to have faith or believe in God, Phil. Nothing more. You are not some collective. And there is simply no need to hurl ugly abuse at people.

  7. I’ve only had a small fraction of the abuse you went through and it certainly played on my mind for ages. Sounds really hellish to have gone through. Really sorry for you and hope you’re ok. As others have said to Phil – no need for the abuse.

  8. “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” – Matthew 5, v11-12.

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