Beware of lies

The twitter user who had said false things about me has apologised for the hurt she caused me in relation to what she publicly concedes were the untruths about my family and my finances which of course she could not substantiate. I have apologised to her for questioning her sanity.

I was going to remove the post, but as I closed the Guardian CIF page where she clearly alludes to and defames me, I re-read what she said. She accused me of persecution and lies. Anyone who reads my blog regularly or follows me on Twitter will know that up until today I have kept my silence and ignored her as not to give her credence.

However, given I was publicly accused of telling lies and persecution, I’ll let the reader be the judge as to who was the real victim of tweet and blog trolling, not to mention untruths.


It’s all the same though. I’ve read blog after blog accusing those who are pro-life of being propaganda peddlers, supporters of eugenics. I’ve read attacks on Diane Abbot, suggesting that by supporting a woman’s right to choose, she is going against her “people” because of the high number of women from Black British backgrounds who have had termination, using the word “holocaust” to describe it.

And yet these same people, in the very same paragraph, speak about how their opinion is the only RIGHT way – that pro-life is all about fluffy bunnies and happy endings. They talk about LIFE offering impartial counselling, but cannot accept that a pro-choice organisation could be similarly open minded about options.

I support choice – whatever that choice might be. I don’t think people who think abortion is wrong need to change their opinions, because I think if we lost a strong pro-life voice from our society, it could lead to abortion on demand. What I DO object to, is the hysterical screamings from the anti-abortionists (and I make a very definite distinction between pro-life, and anti-abortion) which are full of hypocrisy. These same people shout from the rooftops when they feel their right to raise their own family without state interference is being infringed, but they think nothing of heaving their weight around when it comes to their “moral duty” to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies, and effectively tell other people that they MUST become parents because it’s the ONLY RIGHT WAY.

But the very worst thing of all of this, is the LIES they tell. I mean really, it’s utterly breathtaking. I had to stop discussing this in the past, because of persecution by a anti-abortion fanatic, which started to impact on my own family life, such is the ferocity with which they will campaign against those who disagree with them.

It actually scares me. Really really scares me.

It scares me too. Enormously. Such is the ferocity of those who cannot stand challenge, that they project and distort. It scares me how dirty people are prepared to fight in the name of “choice”. We fell out after she found it acceptable to tweet and blog about my family. As she notes in one of her blogposts when attempting to parody me she says “Hey buddy only I get to choose whether or not I can use my personal circumstances to further my point or elicit sympathy from bystanders when I can’t think of anything else to say. Subjects that induce the rage are children (or lack of them), personal income, private education or anything else which indicates why they might be taking a particular angle on something”.

She is right: only I get to talk about my children, in a way that is entirely appropriate, only I decide which bits of information, if any, I want in the public domain. I tend to be quite circumspect about what I say about my children for obvious reasons. I have however learnt that any information that you put out there, is considered fair game and that in their desperation to discredit you, people will make what may be charitably described as suppositions or assumptions without any sort of fact checking and present them as truth. To use an assumption as an attempt to score a personal point in an attempt to discredit is a tactic used by someone who has run out of ideas. Of course it is unacceptable to blog about another person’s financial and personal circumstances when you know nothing about them and when that person is not a professional politician, but one blogger and tweeter out of a multitude.

Whatever her motivation, as she accepts, this action was wrong, hence why she apologised and removed. I have absolutely not persecuted her, a simple check on Twitter will verify that, I only know her real name which I have not divulged, I have no idea as to her address or email address so I am unsure as to how I am supposed to have launched a campaign of persecution that has impacted on her family life. Up until this point she had been ignored. I should also mention that during this period, particularly during Lent, I pared down online activity. I had a traumatic cesarean birth which took quite a bit out of me as indeed did the demands of 2 babies 17 months apart. My primary focus was and still is the demands of my family. I blog in my precious spare time.

If we fell out, it had nothing to do with the pro-life cause. The lies some people will tell are indeed breathtaking.

I won’t Fisk the rest of her post, it speaks for itself.

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