Reason number 1,835, 269…

Why I am so vehemently opposed to abortion? Well just lying here in bed, gazing at Felicity, and thinking how beautiful and perfect she is in every way.

I then think back to the abortion that was suggested on 3 separate occasions in pregnancy. It terrifies me to think how easy it could have been to take this “healthcare option”.

There are no words that can accurately describe the horror of any physical harm coming to my baby and the thought of preventing her from being born or existing is beyond my comprehension. Why should she have been denied a chance to live, why should she have been killed at what would have been 22 weeks, because she was inconvenient.

To the troll who commented “just what the world needs, more jobless people having babies” do you still think I should have killed this child? To the doctors who suggested there were strong medical grounds to kill my child were you really justified?

She is perfect in every way and I am apoplectically angry that we live in a society that would have not only turned a blind eye but also sanctioned my killing my beautiful baby as moral and licit.

On what grounds was it OK to kill my child and how in the name of all that is good and holy can this be right?

One thought on “Reason number 1,835, 269…

  1. I have been thinking a lot about your previous post and my thoughts connect with this one too.

    It made me think about a talk I heard a little while ago where the speaker said that our morality needs to be grounded in our awareness that we are all God’s beloved.

    So it is wrong to celebrate the death of people in the twin towers attack because they were all God’s beloved. It is wrong to celebrate the death of Bin Laden because, what ever terrible things he choose to do with the one precious life that God gave him, God still loves him.

    It is wrong to be gleeful at the rumour of Mrs Thatcher’s demise or to wish terrible things on Tony’s Blair’s head because they are both God’s beloved. This does not change despite the dogmatic decisions that they both made which worsened the lives of ordinary people.

    It is wrong for anyone to suggest that you should have had an abortion because Felicity is God’s beloved.

    This is a difficult thing to hold on to sometimes, maybe because we have such an impoverished awareness of what God’s love is really like. It has to be the starting point for our thinking about morality. We cannot do what we like with the lives of others, for convenience, in order to protest, for dogma because their lives do not belong to us. We have no rights over others because God loves them with an eternal and absolute love.

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