Words fail me

This is what happens when we start thinking about children as being some sort of “right” or commodity, there to satisfy an innate “need” or craving.

If you disposed of a puppy or a kitten in a similar fashion you would end up with a fine or jail sentence and almost certainly be banned from ever owning a pet again.

But because it is children that we are talking about they are automatically treated as being some sort of property of the mother, her body and thus to do with as she sees fit, including killing them because they are the wrong sex.

And we as a civilised society sanction this, we validate their behaviour by succumbing to their destructive tantrums and concede that a child is a right not a human, but take this contortion of natural law one step further namely, not only is a child a right, but a parent has a right to a child of a sex of their choosing?

What better illustration can there be of the paradox of IVF, whereby the process of creating new life has destruction of life as its by-product?

But so long as nobody is offended or hurt, a child is produced who will be loved, that makes this all acceptable does it? The ends justify the means?

I’d like to hear from anyone who thinks that this is in any way acceptable.

4 thoughts on “Words fail me

  1. There was a similar case in Aberdeen a few years ago where
    the couple lost their daughter and wanted to change the law to
    guarantee a girl and they had boys already. Words fail me over it
    as I feel so blessed to have been given a 2 pregnancies which have
    resulted in healthy children.

  2. Human life no longer has value and is merely a commodity
    that can be easily, legally and socially acceptably sacrificed to
    the modern god of convenience…. The Pope is right, we are
    certainly heading toward a new ‘dark age’ if we are not already

  3. The fact that some people do what some consider dark deeds
    does not mean the light has gone out. Being fortunate to have 4
    children I don’t know what it is like to “want” like that but the
    more appropriate course is therapy so they can start living in what
    most people think of as the real world.

  4. Gosh, this makes me so sad. I think it’s part of the wider
    problem that society faces as science progresses to be able to
    offer more and more choice when it comes to families. Not all
    progress is bad – far from it. But the problem comes when people
    think that simply because we CAN do something, then they SHOULD
    have the right to do it. As someone who is pro-choice, this kind of
    case angers me, because it devalues the decisions made by those who
    are (in my opinion) in desperate need of that choice. I can
    understand why this couple would do such a thing – but I pity them
    that they are coping so badly with the loss of their child, that
    they’re willing to forgo the chance to welcome others into their
    lives simply because of their gender. I agree with Marfie, I don’t
    think that this couple are typical, and I hope they get the help
    that they so obviously need.

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