My gaff, my rules

For those who have determined that they are still going to read, as a general rule, as owner of this blog, I have editorial control, in the same way as all blog owners.

I am happy to enter into discourse and general discussions, but personal and ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated. If I do not wish to pursue a certain topic further, then I will not publish further comments on a thread, particularly if I feel that there is no purpose to be served.

Somebody has taken my last post to be a personal attack on her, which it was not, although it was an attack on my assumed fear, hatred and distrust of gay people, which had absolutely no basis in fact.

She accused me of deliberately misquoting and paraphrasing her. I did no such thing and a quick glance at my Twitter feed will bear out the comments that were directed at me. My original post did contain an error, therefore I corrected it, however my sense of being under siege has not abated. This morning I have been subject to further barrages and haranguing. I have been told by disgruntled commentator, “I WILL NOT let you get away with this”. I have politely asked to be left in peace and told “just approve the comment and all this will be over”. Said person has also requested all her followers to pester me to approve her comment and therefore my phone has not stopped pinging with angry tweets, telling me that I must approve her comment.

As a matter of general principle I do not respond to harassment techniques, therefore I am extremely loathe to publish comment. If I wish to delete a comment, then that is entirely my call. I took note of comment and concerns of poster and edited my post so it neither paraphrased nor misquoted. This is my blog, predominantly for me to write about whatever subjects I feel fit and as such I reserve the right to dictate the terms of debate, in common with all blog owners.

As I suggested in my previous entry, if these rules do not suit, then perhaps this blog is not suitable for you.

3 thoughts on “My gaff, my rules

  1. Absolutely! I would further suggest stopping automatic
    notification on your phone until the people concerned get a life.
    If they feel that strongly, they can easily start their own blogs.
    Comment moderation is there to be used at the sole discretion of
    the blog author – no explanations or apologies are needed. You can
    also block the tweeps who are bugging you! Harassment is

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I don’t
    want to comment directly on any other comments as I’ve no doubt
    this would only make what is obviously a fairly fraught situation
    even more so. However, I would say I don’t find you come over to me
    as at all strident or bigoted but simply as someone trying to talk
    about and live out orthodox Catholic views in some very trying
    circumstances. I don’t know you in real life so you may be as mad
    as a hatter there! But that’s not the way you come over in your
    blog. I read you because you don’t take yourself too seriously and
    you do have an almost brutal honesty about your own difficulties.
    Anyway, sounds as if you need some encouragement and support. My
    very best wishes and prayers for you and your family in the coming

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